Is a degree in architecture a sensible option?

degree in architecture
Newbury Tower
Glasgow School of Art
photo by Moira
Is a degree in architecture a sensible option?


The architecture schools claim that the skills learnt are transferable and can be a route into all kinds of creative careers. This is not true. According to an an HR consultant it is the "Least-Valued Degree" in America taking into account wages and unemployment levels of graduates. I suppose it is much the same here.

Employers, looking for people for their graduate schemes are not interested in architecture degrees. The course is way too specific and employers presume that graduates with architecture degrees would prefer to be architects; they can't see how their skills can be of any use in their business. How can designing and drawing up buildings be of use anywhere other than an architectural firm?

I lost count the number of times at interviews I was asked, "why is it you don't want to be an architect?". No matter what answer you give they never quite believe you as they, like the rest of the general public, still believe it is a creative, highly paid profession.

Employers also insist on taking on graduates who get a good Honours Degree (2:1 or above). And it is for this reason that the architecture degree course should be avoided. No matter how hard-working and/or clever a person is, on the architecture course they cannot be guaranteed a good grade; in fact they cannot even be guaranteed a pass. All is explained in my book, BRICK WALL. Please read it if you are considering a career in architecture. Believe me, passing the course really is a game of chance and the odds are stacked against you.

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