Thursday, 16 January 2014

Architecture Schools UK

Tuition fees now £9,000
a year in England
Architecture Schools UK

101 Things I Learned in architecture school by Moira M. Malcolm
  1. How to waste my talents.
  2. How to survive on little sleep.
  3. How to waste money. 
  4. How to feel helpless.
  5. How to learn so little year after year.
  6. How to lug around a lot of stuff.
  7. How to teach myself technical drawing.
  8. How to draw bricks.
  9. How to use a scalpel knife.
  10. How to try so hard to create nothing of any use.
  11. How to cry hysterically.
  12. How to repeat third year.
  13. How to become unemployable.
  14. How to.... 
... You get the drift.

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If you're considering applying to architecture school, then you should read my  book, BRICK WALL beforehand. An easy read with a hard message - architecture schools are not healthy places for young people to be.


  1. I totally agree with you here on the ( post . The course is so subjective. And I believe the marking is completely unfair. I am marked by the same tutors for three semesters, and they are more harsh markers than others. Even worse is the first semester, it was a group portfolio submission and since its not the same markers per student, the marks ranged from a 2:2-1st Honours with the SAME portfolio! Appealing did absolutely nothing, and obviously some favouritism going around. That is a jump of 2 classes difference with the same submission. It is ridiculous.

    It is all so upsetting, as it's a course now dependent on the the tutor's theory, the tutor's likings, and our personality. With all the regular crits, and work progress, and expectations from tutors and also group members, anxiety is one of my biggest problems right now. I believe the education is a mess as of many other students. With ongoing petitions and student reps trying to sort out what architecture school should actually be, nothing is changing, or changing way too slow. I don't believe that the architecture course needs to be 6-7 years long, because at the end of the day, we students teach ourselves, find information and resources ourselves, do everything ourselves, even organise site visits ourselves. All tutors do is give their own opinions. All our tuition fee for the university, when at the end of the day we aren't really being taught anything, we teach ourselves.

    More important is learning in practice, in real life work. The education system for architecture is really not a stepping stone for us into practice. And more so, these practices seem to be looking for render and cad monkeys these days. What a tough generation we live in.

    1. Thank you for adding your excellent comment. It has now been added to the end of my book, STUDENT ARCHITECT, in appendix 2 where I site the opinions of current students of architecture and practising architects.