Wednesday, 8 January 2014

I want to be an architect

I want to be an architect uk
I want to be an architect
I want to be an architect comedy sketch

'I want to be an architect' was written and acted out by Moira M. Malcolm, author of BRICK WALL for sale on Amazon. I think you'll only find it amusing if you've studied architecture yourself. Even then, it might be too truthful to be considered funny. This could be a real conversation taking place between a student of architecture and her tutor. Nothing angers them more than when a student attempts to have any kind of life outside architecture. They also talk utter rubbish; spouting long, convoluted sentences that make no sense at all. Many tutors do this to try to trick their students into believing that they are real intellectuals. This, unfortunately couldn't be further from the truth. Click here to watch Peter Eisenmann interacting with a student whose work he is supposed to be assessing.

I found this funny video below on Youtube. The profession must be bad when architects are spending their spare time doing things like this. The video highlights two things - one that the reality of being an architect is very different from what people imagine and two that young people refuse to listen. One person left a comment saying "I HATE THIS VIDEO,U CAN'T RUIN MY DREAMS", another person wrote, "You are horrible people.Way to ruin peoples dream.You didn't ruin mine." LOL. 

funny video on Youtube by JohnnyBe321

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