Sunday, 7 September 2014

Another book the RIBA won't want architecture students to read

Another interesting book for architecture students is The Favored Circle, by Garry Stevens, a former Research Associate in the Department of Architectural and Design Science at the University of Sydney. The following it taken from his book description on Amazon.

For Sale on
For Sale on
A look a what truly determines the success of an architect 

"The popular view of architecture focuses on individual creative geniuses, those who have designed the most "significant" works. According to Garry Stevens, however, successful architects owe their success not so much to genius as to social background and a host of other factors that have very little to do with native talent. To concentrate only on the profession of architecture, which structures the entire social universe of the architect and of which architects are only one part. This book critically surveys that field, exposing many myths and debunking a number of heroes in the process."

Note: I have no connection with the author of this book other than that I agree with his findings.

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